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A Letter From The Editors

The Editorial Board

Dear Reader,

It is beginning to become crisp and frosty in Lancaster, and the days are drawing in. It is amazing how quickly time passes! We will soon be welcoming in the New Year of 2024. It is a time of Beginnings and Endings, so EPOCH offers you a stocking full of delightful articles on this theme.

Experience the drama and danger of the Great Fire of London in 1666, and explore the London that 'was but is no more', with Angelina Andreeva. Dive into the murky world of Cold War intrigue with Jude Rowley, as he uncovers the story of the closure of Lancaster University's Department of Russian and Soviet Studies - and possible links to the beginning of the Prague Spring in 1968!

Investigate the origins of the historical South Indian city of Calicut (today’s Kozhikode in Kerala) with Susanne Rau of the 'Religion and Urbanity' research network at Erfurt University. Trace the life and death of the Roman city of Justiniana Prima with Mateusz Fafinski - and ask what makes a city dwindle and die?

Join the lively debate about the loss of the iconic tree at Sycamore Gap, which was felled on the 27th of September 2023, and which shocked the public consciousness. Alex Rome-Griffin wonders what this event tells us about our relationship with our past, heritage, and natural world. And learn about Christmas through time with our Editorial Team's selection of items of interest.

It is our pleasure to announce that a bumper crop of new editors have joined the EPOCH Editorial Board. Anna Drury, our new Women's+ Editor, brings her expertise in the histories of feminism and the Global South to the magazine. Angelina Andreeva brings an enthusiasm for early-modern life (in all its wonderful complexities) to her position as Literature and Early Modern History Editor. Whilst Laura Noller, as our Social History Editor, brings her knowledge of structures of negotiated power. EPOCH will continue to grow and flourish thanks to their enthusiasm and commitment. Sincerely, The Editorial Board


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