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EPOCH aims to publish the best in cutting-edge historical research by postgraduates in a professional andaccessible form.

We are always looking for new submissions and publish quarterly. We are interested in articles, quick-reads, and reviews from across the Arts and Humanities, provided they have a historical theme.

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Please read the guidelines before submitting

What are we looking For?

We are looking for articles in history that have strong points of intrigue, compelling narratives, or showcase new discoveries or perspectives. We are also interested in articles showcasing innovative methods or offering insights into areas with untapped potential. We are keen to support histories that are underrepresented in the media and encourage historians of marginalised peoples and places to submit to us. We want to publish articles that reflect new and exciting research.

We appeal to a non-specialist and non-academic audience, and so ask our contributions to be clear, coherent, and concise. No jargon, just history.

Who is eligible?

We accept work from postgraduates and ECRs. We are happy to work with contributors from any discipline provided that their article has a historical focus.

The details

We ask all potential contributors to submit a pitch (approx. 250 words). Download the submission form and email it to

Finished articles will be between 1,000 and 2,000 words. We do publish some longer pieces, but this will be at the discretion of the editor.

Further advice

Think about your reader, what they might already know, and what they can get from your article. Use your article to tell us, and your reader, why your research is interesting.

Articles should show a strong a chain of ideas. We encourage a narrative ‘hook’ to draw your reader in.

For examples, browse these articles:

Issue 01 September 2020

Layla AlAmmar | Lancaster University

Issue 01 September 2020

Ben Wills-Eve | Lancaster University



Who can submit to EPOCH?

While we don’t discourage submissions from anyone, the magazine is designed with postgraduates and early career researchers in mind.

What sort of material is EPOCH looking For?

All of our content is designed for history enthusiasts who may not be specialists in any particular field. We cover virtually all periods, places, and approaches. When you are drafting your idea consider a subject that will ring a bell with a non-specialist audience, but that you can still make engaging and specific. These are articles which are academically driven, but written for everyone.

How often is the magazine Published?

We publish quarterly in September, December, March, and June.

Will I be Credited?

Of course! When the submission is complete we will also include links to your social media accounts if you would like.

What happens if my proposal is not accepted?

You can always revise your proposal and resubmit for a new issue or consider reshaping your proposal for a different format (e.g. redraft an article to be a quick-read).

Who will read my proposal?

The coordinating editors will send your proposal to the various content editors who will be most equipped to manage the piece.  They will make the decisions and recommendations for publication.

When will i hear back from EPOCH?

We try to respond to initial submissions quickly. Content editors may take a couple of weeks to be in touch regarding your submission.

Can i submit more than one proposal?

You may, but it would be helpful if you could indicate this on your submission forms, or in your initial email.