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Image by Benjamin Davies


Literature and Early Modern history EDITOR


I am a current History PhD student based at Lancaster University. In my research, I’m working with personal diaries of notable people who lived in London throughout the long 17th century and focusing on the individuals’ experiences of the city space to uncover what influences and forms their understanding of it. 


At the heart of my research are personal and individual dimensions in spatial history, and I’m particularly interested in exploring the place attachment and other emotional categories that can be linked to urban experiences. An essential part of my work is the use of GIS as I’m mapping the content of the diaries to understand and analyse the spatial patterns and relationships, as well as to trace any unusual changes and continuities in Londoners’ interactions with the capital’s city space. Moreover, as I’m combining qualitative and quantitative approaches in my work, I’m aiming to establish the right balance between these that would be helpful to future similar research in this field.


My personal and research interests are much broader than my PhD, as my past experiences are quite diverse. I’m a fiction writer and poet, and I worked on the translations of Shakespeare’s sonnets in the past. I also specialise in Italian Renaissance history, and early modern British history in general, and I have a keen interest in spy networks, theatres, and playwrights, especially Kit Marlowe. My background is in public history and heritage, I love working with historic built environment and early modern architecture. 


I would welcome questions and submissions around any of my interests and areas of expertise.

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