The Summit is aimed at postgraduate students in the Arts and Humanities interested in advancing their writing skills.

Writing for a multitude of audiences is an invaluable skill for students, whether they foresee a career in academia or not. The EPOCH Writing Summit brings together writers and academics, including Sunday Times bestselling author Marc Morris, to help us think about audience, style, tone, and the treatment of history. 


The Writing Summit will offer students from across the globe practical training in public engagement by facilitating writing workshops and seminars that explore how specialist research can permeate public spheres. The summit will bring together experts in a number of fields, including popular history, to examine the skills necessary to restructure written research in order to disseminate critical innovation in the humanities across these genres.

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Past Events

Lancaster Historical Postgraduate Conference, 'Histfest', is an annual academic postgraduate conference hosted by the history community at Lancaster University. 'Histfest' is organised by PhD students in the department, and is designed to provide a supportive and constructive space for students and ECRs to present their work.

The conference has run since 1995, and in 2020, we celebrated our 25th anniversary. Sadly, the conference did not take place as planned due to the COVID-19 crisis, but we are back for 2021 and determined to make it the best one yet!

The 2021 theme is 'Representations and Identities'. We accept papers from any discipline provided that the content is historical. Papers should be 20 mins. Please send abstracts to adminLHPC@lancaster.ac.uk.

Visit https://www.lhpconference.com/ for more information.