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Letter From The Editors

The Editorial Team

Dear Reader,

Issue 07 was developed alongside a new feeling of optimism. Our Editorial discussions were now being had in-person, rather than online. Many of us began returning to our offices, relishing what felt like a stable new normal. With most archives, museums, and heritage sites now open, historians and the public alike can reconnect with physical histories. Issue 07, themed around Material Culture, addresses the enduring memories that are embedded within objects, speaking to the cultural significance of historical analysis.

Developing this issue has brought into sharp relief the ability of objects – those material affects, whether they be art, martial equipment, or practical tools – to store meanings beyond their material nature. Dredge the Thames with Alex Rome-Griffin to uncover the intricate socio-spiritual aura of the Battersea Shield, and explore needlework and its interaction with 17th and 18th-century femininity with Cathleen Burton. Take flight with Eleni Eldridge-Tull as she examines RAF nose art, or sit for a while with Elena Rossi as she pours over professorial tombs in Medieval Bologna.

EPOCH continues to prepare for its Writing Summit event later this month. We are incredibly excited to be joined by best-selling author and historian, Marc Morris, and The University of London Press’ Books Manager, Emma Gallon. The Editorial Board has been hard at work curating expert workshop leaders. Attendees will learn how to tackle difficult or sensitive topics with Deana Heath, write for postdoc and job applications with Alexander Wragge-Morley, unpick the rules of writing with Joanna Wood, and write for wider audiences with the EPOCH Team. We would also like to announce that we will be hosting a panel titled “The Public Face of History”. Here our Coordinating Editor, Samuel Hollins, will facilitate a discussion between BBC Radio journalist Sophie Parker, Lancaster University historian Corinna Peniston-Bird, and museum manager and curator Rachael Bowers on the dissemination of history to broader audiences. Get your tickets now!

EPOCH is pleased to welcome Dabeoc Stanley to the Editorial Board. Dabeoc will bring some much-needed expertise in Maritime History to the magazine. This brings the total number of editors on EPOCH’s board to ten!


The Editorial Board.


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