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Letter From The Editors

The Editorial Team

Dear Reader,

Issue 6 is published as winter draws in on another turbulent year. In recent months, many of us have been able to venture from our homes, once again meeting and breaking bread with our nearest and dearest. As I write this letter the editorial team is sitting around a dining table, watching the snow fall outside whilst warming our hands on bowls of soup. The theme of this issue – food and travel – therefore mirrors some of the themes within our own lives.

As conversations with our followers have taught us, food and travel are themes which cut across many areas of historical interest. Join James Howe for a drive across the Iron Curtain; Rebecca Bruce for a Victorian boat trip down the Nile; and receive a grant of safe-conduct for Medieval travel with Jenny McHugh. On food, join Steven Kent to learn about the bloody legacy of the Dutch East India Company and their exploitation of the Banda Islands and their luxury crop of nutmeg. The theme of this issue also inspired a culinary EPOCH social, with editors getting together to experiment with historical recipes. Judge the outcome for yourselves!

With six issues and eighteenth months of editorial experience under our belts, EPOCH has also reflected on the invaluable skill of being able to write for a multitude of audiences. With this in mind, we are delighted to announce our first Writing Summit on 28th March 2022. The Writing Summit brings together postgraduates, academics and publishers, including Sunday Times bestselling author Marc Morris and the University of London Press, to help us think about audience, style, tone, and the treatment of history. Buy your tickets now!

EPOCH is also proud to welcome three new editors who joined out team in autumn 2021. Ed Moore joins us as our first Viking Age Editor; Gareth Johnstone expands our expertise in the field of Medieval History; and Amy Stanning joins us as our new Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Editor. We look forward to working with them on our upcoming issues.


The Editorial Board.


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