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Image by Mark mc neill

Rome Griffin

Ancient History EDITOR


I am a second year PhD student at the University of Lancaster. My research focuses on Roman Britain, specifically, answering elusive social questions about the nature of religious life on the British frontier. My research partially comprises a broad-brush approach to reconstructing the wider religious landscape of the Hadrian’s Wall frontier zone. My digital humanities led approach enables discussion of movement and interconnectivity across the landscape, as well as examining the distribution of cults and religious sites. This is meshed with a focused case study on the site of Vindolanda to examine religious life in microcosm, with digital methods used to examine the site’s religious spaces, ritual practices and sensory experiences. Going a level deeper, part of this case study will examine religion on the body, specifically how people used material culture to represent their faith.

I am a trained archaeologist and, as such, add a new dimension to the editorial team’s skillset. My background specifically enables me to provide commentary on submissions focused on archaeology, material culture and the ancient world.

At my last university, I ran a theatre company, which was a fascinating experience. Retrospectively, this meshes quite well with my current role as it fostered a fascination with writing and the creative process.

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