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Letter from the Editors

The Editorial Team

Dear Reader,

EPOCH’s eighth issue pushed the magazine passed two years of quarterly publications. For us, this was a huge milestone, evidencing the magazine’s ability to continually platform PGs and ECRs. Issue 08 was our most viewed release, with more post views since launch than ever before. Our Twitter account has also passed 1,400 followers, up from 1,000 at Issue 08’s launch. The growth of the magazine has been hugely encouraging for us, demonstrating the immense talent of our broad network of contributors. We are confident that Issue 09 will be our biggest yet!

Our Editorial Team was very excited by this release’s theme – Crime, Law, and Punishment. With a theme that taps directly into a multitude of socially and culturally relevant areas, we knew that we would receive a fascinating and diverse range of pitches. We were not disappointed! Our call for articles was met by a host of excellent submissions leaving us spoilt for choice. There is so much fantastic research going on within the global ECR/PG community, and we are set on showcasing it.

Step back into the 1990s with Will Garbett and learn about antisocial behaviour or have a sip of smuggled rum with Dabeoc Stanley whilst he discusses violent female smugglers. Help Veena Patel find out which witch is which and learn about queer responses to the American religious right with Indy Sobol. There is plenty more that Issue 09 has to offer.

The entire team has worked very hard on this release. It has certainly come together excellently, addressing the theme in unexpected ways. EPOCH continues to attract authors from across the globe and from a diverse range of academic institutions. We are always looking to increase the diversity of our history and historians, and Issue 09 is a firm step towards that goal.

Amy Stanning, EPOCH’s 18th- and 19th-century Editor, is stepping back from the board. We want to thank Amy for her work on EPOCH!


The Editorial Team


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