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Letter from the Editors

The Editorial Team

Dear Reader,

This is an exciting issue of EPOCH. With fewer restrictions currently imposed on gatherings and travel, we drew from bubbling public enthusiasm to produce an issue that celebrates heritage. Heritage studies has seemingly been on the rise within the discipline, with local histories now taking a prominent place in scholarly discussions. Heritage is an instrument that people use to connect with the past- both their own and on a wider public scale. It brings history into the present and informs the way we see the world. It looks both outward and inward.

In this issue, you will find a great deal that looks at how we interpret and experience heritage. Read about family recipes and community cookbooks across India, the nuanced history of modernist furniture from Chandigarh, and the Japan-British Exhibition of 1910. Explore the long history of some of Spain’s most iconic buildings and read about more recent debates that discuss how we present history to the public. To bring it together, we spoke to the Art Institute of Chicago about how curation both online and in museum spaces is an ongoing collaborative process that brings scholarship to a curious public.

We are pleased to welcome the new Global History Editor, Charlotte Evans. Charlotte is a new PhD student here at Lancaster. Her research looks at water history and digital mapping in South India. We are sad to say goodbye to two of our founding editors, Rianna Price and Cameron Fleming. We wish them well as they look to complete their research work but are excited that they have agreed to become associate editors for EPOCH, stepping in when their specialisms are needed.


The Editorial Board


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