CUltural history EDITOR


I am a second-year History PhD student and Associate Lecturer at Lancaster University. My research interests are modern social and cultural history and the development of tourism in English seaside resorts. The focus of my thesis is the recent history Lancashire seaside resorts, with an emphasis on the interaction between local government and the tourist industry.  I am exploring the impact of changes in class, gender identity and visitor expectations on these resorts over the last sixty years. Hopefully, my research will shed significant light on the reasons for the perceived decline of these resorts in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.


In addition to my PhD, I am have also helped to organise the History Department Postgraduate Research Seminar Series, and I am hoping to see the varied range of topics covered in this programme reflected in the new magazine. My role within this publication is as Cultural History Editor. Contact me if you have any interest in developing an article based on any aspect on the cultural histories of any period. Since the 1980s, debate about the nature of cultural history has engaged not only historians but also scholars in a wide range of fields including literature, art, the media, and anthropology/ethnography. Therefore, I would welcome any submission that encourages this debate across disciplinary borders.

Twitter: @SteveWilliam197