I am PhD History student here at Lancaster University. My research looks at narratives surrounding the psychiatric treatment of homosexuality in post-Independence India. I focus on social pressures faced by queer communities and broader attempts to medicalize queer sexualities across the globe. My research will contribute to wider debates on the acceptance of homosexuality and move towards removal of curative practices for treating non-normative sexualities and gender expressions. If you are interested in learning, I have written an article for The Conversation outlining my research.


Alongside my PhD I am the Editorial Assistant of South Asian Studies Journal, as well as being an organiser of the annual Lancaster History Postgraduate Conference (LHPC). My predominant role within EPOCH is Global History Editor. I will facilitate a broader span of historical works from a wider geographical area. I will also be creating content which is concerned with histories of the Global South and interacting with academics in this field. I am also in the process of launching a podcast series to run alongside the magazine.


While my particular field of expertise lies in social, cultural and medical history, I am also interested in politics, art history and military history as well. Any histories of sexuality and gender will be well received, as these are closely linked to my own work. While my research predominantly fits within the late Early Modern and Modern periods, I look forward to submissions from other periods.

Twitter: @Rianna_Price