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A Letter From The Editors

The Editorial Board

Dear Reader,

As I write this the weather is becoming more autumnal, and the long summer days begin to wane. Tis’ the season for sitting snug with a good story or listening to tall tales of things that go bump in the night. Appropriately, Issue 13 is packed with articles on the theme of Custom and Folklore that fit the bill. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Learn the tricks and tips needed to tackle a bothersome boggart occupying your house in nineteenth-century Lancashire with Ellen Walkingshaw. Join Sophie Parkes in examining the iconic horror B-film The Wicker Man, and its links to traditional calendar customs. Hear about the Gaelic folksongs of the Hebrides with Maggie Langford, and get caught up with the creative protest traditions at the heart of yarnbombing with Andy Marlow.

With the cultural (and box-office) phenomenon that was ‘Barbenheimer’ it is an apt time to engage with history in modern media! Read Will Garbett’s review of Oppenheimer, and consider Abby Whitlock’s investigation of masculinity as depicted in interwar films about the daring-do of First World War flying aces.

Releasing a Custom and Folklore issue has been a long-held goal of the Editorial Team, and we have been delighted at the enthusiasm and response of contributors. EPOCH continues to go from strength to strength, and we are grateful to have the opportunity to continue to bring you the best of ECR/PG historical inquiry.

We have exciting plans in the works for a historically-themed charity event held in partnership with Morecambe Bay Foodbank with the support of Atkinsons Coffee, and Boot and Shoe (a truly local affair)! Keep an eye on our events page and social media for further announcements and details.


The Editorial Board.


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