I am currently a second-year PhD history student at Lancaster, and my thesis explores the evidence for local church organisation in early medieval Wales. This encompasses a wide range of non-textual sources, incorporating archaeological, sculptural and toponymic evidence. My work also encompasses spatial analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which is one of the key ways in which I collate this diverse body of evidence. I also hope to place my finding in a broader Irish Sea context by taking a comparative approach with similar topics in the rest of Britain and Ireland. 


As part of my role at the magazine I also serve as deputy co-ordinating editor and have responsibility for some of the administrative functions of our publication. For prospective contributors, I would be delighted to edit submissions on early medieval Europe, especially its religious history. More specifically, my own work has encompassed the encompassed the Viking Age in Ireland, Britain and western Europe. I would also be happy to work on any projects which are concerned with non-textual sources, such as epigraphy, archaeological evidence and landscape studies. 

Twitter: @Jacob_ON1