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Digital Humanities

Lancaster University is a world leader in the Digital Humanities. Our editors and many of our contributors are working with the Digital Humanities Hub to expand and improve our use of historical sources and to present our research in fresh and engaging ways. If you are interested in learning more about the Digital Humanities Hub at Lancaster, click here.

Their research has proved essential to the Arts and Social Sciences and here at EPOCH we are keen to show how these technologies can assist academics. Through tools such as Corpus Linguistics and ArcGIS Pro, the Digital Humanities are enabling new ways to engage with data, maps, and primary sources.

Our Digital Humanities Editor, Ben Wills-Eve, has been working with contributors to showcase the importance of digital techniques in modern historiography. These articles can be seen below. They cover a wide range of topics, eras and regions, but all employ digital techniques to offer fresh perspectives.

Issue 01 September 2020

Sophie Merrix | Lancaster University 

#Early Modern #Europe #Africa #Race #Digital Humanities #Maps

Issue 01 September 2020

Will Garbett | Lancaster University

Issue 01 September 2020

Ben Wills-Eve | Lancaster University

#Modern #Digital Humanities #Heritage