Image by Elizabeth Jamieson


Co-ordinating Editor
and Medieval Editor


I am a third-year PhD student at Lancaster University and am researching the establishment and evolution of minority governments in England c. 1200-1500. Central to my investigation are questions regarding appeals to precedent in the construction of these interim regimes, as well as authority and practice in the conduct of domestic politics and foreign diplomacy at those times when councils and regents governed on behalf of an underage monarch.


In addition to my research, I am an active member of the Centre for War and Diplomacy where I co-chair the development of supplemental curriculum materials for secondary students. I also am active on the planning committee for the annual Lancaster Historical Postgraduate Conference

Please reach out to me if you have questions about opportunities for collaboration, the editorial process, distribution, or other general inquiries that don’t fall within the purview of my colleagues.  My areas of interest are in medieval Europe, with a special focus on political history and the rise of conciliar government.

Twitter: @MeredithGuthr17