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Global History

EPOCH is proud to represent contributors from across the world, and have contributions from across Europe, North America and Asia. We also have articles on a range of topics from five continents. You can browse articles by region using our INTERACTIVE MAP.

We are always looking to expand our reach, and we are making contacts with international universities in order to bring EPOCH the most cutting-edge research from around the world.

In today's world, it is more important than ever to offer diverse and inclusive histories. Many of our global articles consider the impact of Race, Religion and National Identities through the ages. We also have articles showcasing the Art, Literature and Culture of communities from all around the world.


Our Global History Editor, Rianna Price, has been working with contributors to bring a wide range of articles to EPOCH. These can be browsed below. You can also use our TAG SYSTEM to explore a range of themes.

Race in the USA

Issue 01 September 2020

Shona Thompson | Lancaster University

Thompson considers the legacy of racial violence in 19th Century North America through the photography of J.P. Ball. Using the emerging medium of daguerreotype, he captured key moments in the lives of some of the victims.

War in Japan

Issue 01 September 2020

Steven Kent | Kingston University

Through the eyes of Japanese women, Kent explores the place of the Kamikaze in Japan's experience of the Second World War. He offers a close and sobering account of the trauma of the Kamikaze on a whole generation.

Early Modern Africans

Issue 01 September 2020

Sophie Merrix | Lancaster University 

Employing digital techniques, Merrix maps African citizens of Early Modern England. Building on the work of Marta Kaufmann, she shows how African people were an important part of the English population.

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Islamic Art and Literature

Issue 01 September 2020

Polina Ignatova | Lancaster University

Travelling through Islamic art on the back of the mythical Buraq, Ignatova shows the importance of depiction in Medieval and Early Modern Islam. She does this through stunning examples of early Islamic art.

Issue 01 September 2020

Layla AlAmmar | Lancaster University

Published author Layla Alammar considers the impact of fiction and poetry on female voices in the Islamic culture. She deftly explores the power of literature to express the thoughts and feelings of the long oppressed. 

Sexuality and Post-Colonial India

Issue 01 September 2020

Rianna Price | Lancaster University

Our Global Editor reviews Durba Mitre's book on Indian sexuality. Aligned to her own research on Postcolonial Indian Homosexuality, Price considers the book's impact on the scholarship.